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Written specifically for those who suffer from severe stress, this book is full of tips and techniques that anyone can implement.  

The first sections discuss my easiest (and free) ways to manage stress. Then, we delve into how to create lasting change by first identifying what the reader wants to work on. This is part guidebook and part workbook. The goal is lasting change and stress reduction.

(BTW, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, gave me permission to quote him in the book.  He is a big fan of meditation, too! )

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There are also 3 Guided Meditations that are FREE for EVERYONE to access from this book.  They are my personal meditations, and I want to make sure that anyone who needs them can use them.  Peace to you all!




NEW!   Tarot-Chi™ - An Exercise System in 22 Forms

My Newest Book!

Tarot-Chi is an exercise system based on the mystical images and energy of classic Tarot cards. Focusing only on the Major cards, there are 22 Forms in this new exercise system. Each Form is a series of poses, movements and stretches. The exercises are easy, effective, and fun! Suitable for anyone of any experience level, these exercises can be performed sitting or standing. The entire system takes about 10 minutes from the first deep breath to the last. Complete instructions, including suggestions for extended stretches, also include 82 photos to show the series of poses that make up each of the 22 Forms. Energy (CHI) is all around us. Particles of energy make up the Universe, our Earth and our bodies. Tap into that energy and experience a system of movement that gently and thoroughly exercises your whole body.

CLASSES will be available SOON  in person, via zoom or via YouTube.  STAY TUNED for updates! 

FEEL the Halloween spirit all year round -

Ghost Encounters: 13 True Tales of the Supernatural

Doesn't EVERYONE love a great ghost story?

ESPECIALLY when the stories are true?

Every time I tell one of these stories, someone says, “You should write a book.” All of the stories are true. There are ghost pets, demonic visitations, angel hugs, child ghosts, balls of light, and supernatural stuff of various kinds.  Just make sure the lights are on when you read this book!

I LOVE ghost stories, but most of them are fake. These are the real deal, so get ready to be frightened and amazed. My most recent reviewer, Cheryl B, says that she could not put it down! Once she got started, she had to keep reading.  (That is exactly what I love to hear, and it's my goal with every book that I write!)

Available in Print, Ebook, and Audiobook. 

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AVAILABLE NOW - This book is FREE on the 1st- 5th of every month, or until Amazon makes me stop! 

I wish it could be free ALL the time! So go get it when its FREE!!

Stuck At Home: 125 Easy and Cheap Activities for Parents and Kids

These are all activities I did with my son when I home-schooled him. We didn't do homeschool by choice, he was a very sick kid and it was an absolute necessity.

Parents now are stuck at home with the pandemic, and I just wanted to give them some fun ideas for interacting with their kiddos.

This book is only available on Amazon.  My other books will be available on other ebook platforms.

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I want my readers to experience new hope in the possibility of change.  AND I want them to have some fun! 

So often, we get stuck, and I want readers to feel the hope rising in them. And know that they can! I do this by providing positive, life-changing experiences through classes and seminars, both in-person and online.

I want to provide solutions for their most pressing issues, like stress reduction.

We all need great stories to lift us up and help us see that we are not alone. 

I'd love to hear from you. Contact me for questions and more information.

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