I read all the self-help books I could find, and began to see a glimmer of hope. I started working on my personal power skills every day. I needed ALL of those skills when my son was born, because he had a life-threatening medical disorder.  He still does, but he survived even after the doctors prepared me for his death. 

Having a child with a chronic illness is stressful, so meditation again became my best way to deal with the stress! It saved my life, and helped me save him. Once my son was educated and launched into his new life, I remarried. Eleven months later, I was a widow. Again, all the precious skills I used to stay positive while raising a child on disability, helped me heal my heart and continue on.

I know the power of books, counseling, meditation, hypnotherapy and HOPE to help start a journey of healing, to show someone just a glimmer of joy that can grow into life-sustaining personal power. Every person has the ability to rise, they just may not know it. My words and work can help them see that they have the power to make it through whatever life brings.   


My book about stress reduction and meditation was recently published. If you are looking for a great story for a dark and stormy night, then how about 13 TRUE supernatural/ghost stories? And I am now working on a book about 20 natural actions you can take to improve your health! (COMING SOON!) Currently, my hubby and I publish a free health and wellness magazine in Oklahoma - it's called Natural Awakenings

I will finish up my PhD in Transpersonal Counseling early in 2022. My goal is to offer counseling for anyone who seeks me out. No one will be turned away if they can't pay. I will take love offerings instead of money. 

What can you do right now?

My goal in life is to share as much good stuff as I can with as many people as I can! Books, meditation, counseling, exercise, hypnotherapy, hope - they all matter and can make a difference.