A good book can entertain and educate.  A great book can change your life! Find links to all of my books right here!

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Follow my blog for some fun. I have a CRAZY life! And I love to write about it. Love, death, the mysterious and the weird - every week a new topic. 

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About Me

"Thirty years ago, I was a young woman struggling with the after-effects of trauma.  I found help in meditation, exercise - and BOOKS!"

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I have always been a writer. Mainly, because I have always been a reader...


As a child, I was always getting lost in a book. There was always that little bit of sadness when each book was finished - until I started the next one!

When I became a mom, I shared all that book love with my son. Once he was grown and launched into his own life, I decided to share my love of reading and writing with a wider audience!

I have 30+ years in dealing with stress that comes from trauma. I work on growing and being a better me every day! I know that transformation is hard. But it is possible by taking one step at a time and never giving up.  So, I wrote a book about it. 

Then, I decided to write another book.  This time, it was about exercise.  And then another book came - about GHOSTS!  I write about my life and the things in it.  I hope you will come along with me, and enjoy my blog and my books! 

Snake 312561 1280
Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Got Bit By A Copper... YES, it hurt. NO, I did not kill it. YES, I got treatment, but not immediately. (M...
Hand 792920  340
Head High, Never Let Them See You Cry(TRIGGER ALERT - talking about rape and violence, but also about strength and resilien...
Anxiety 2878777 1920
A Recent Nightmare And Why It Helped MeThis nightmare caused me to go back to the basics and take another look at my life, my...

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