Go Pure and Natural - for better health and wellness!

Here are 4 ways to make some positive, healthy changes in your life.  All of them are easy-peasy, effective, fun and affordable. 

  1. Earth Angels Makeup
  2. Child-Safe Cleaners
  3. Work From Home and Love it
  4. PURE ™ Essential


I got tired of reading about the horrible chemicals in my makeup.  So I decided to start making my own! It is not hard to do, and you probably have some of the ingredients in your house right now.  The FREE e-book is available for anyone to read. Click HERE for the Free E-Book.  (More info below, too.)

Child-Safe Cleaners

After my son's and my asthma got WORSE when using household cleaners and chemicals, I knew that something HAD to change.  Check out the website or send me an email below!

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Work From Home and Love It

My friends Dionne, Linda, Tammy and Gina decided to work from home.  Life is too short to be miserable and unhappy.  Especially with work. So, work happy with us! (Especially if you need a second stream of income.)

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PURE ™ Essential 

I freaking LOVE essential oils.  They helped me recover from pneumonia better than the inhaler my doctor prescribed. But over-priced oils do not mean better quality oils.  PURE.  ESSENTIAL.  AFFORDABLE. 
These are the only oils that I will use in my home.  Send me an email  (CLICK HERE)  if you would like more info. (Not an MLM.)
               EARTH ANGELS Makeup and PURE ™ Essential Oils

Send me an email RIGHT HERE if you want more information! 

Dear Earth Angels, I can show you how to make safe, pure and natural makeup at home.  Beauty products really SHOULD be healthy, too!  The e-book has information and directions for 10 different beauty products that you can make at home, along with where to find the ingredients. 


Pressed powder  -   Loose powder   -   Lip Balm  -   Blush

Eye Shadow  -   Dry shampoo   -   Hair spray   -   Hairline/Scalp Concealer

Shower Scrubby   -   Deodorant

I use PURE ™ Essential Oils in my Earth Angels makeup.  They are the best priced and highest quality oils I can find.  You can use any essential oils that you like when you make yours at home.  I prefer to purchase PURE because they are not an MLM and they do not advertise, which is how they keep the prices low! 

The e-book has 10 "recipes" complete with information, ingredients, directions and links. ENJOY!!