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This little book about natural beauty is dedicated to my husband, Mark.  He tells me I am beautiful every day when I put my natural makeup on; but he still thinks I am beautiful without it.  He loves me – wrinkles, grey hair and all!

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Free e-Book

Earth Angels - 10 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make At Home

This free e-book is full of easy-peasy recipes for Natural Beauty Products you can make at home. Just send me an email and I will send the e-book link to you. (SEND ME AN EMAIL RIGHT HERE) You can save loads of money by making your own beauty products. AND you get rid of the toxins and chemicals that are often found in traditional store-brand cosmetics. (And did I mention it is EASY?)  I have included links for the harder to find ingredients, too. 

If you purchase any of the items from Amazon, they might give me a small commission, so if you need the ingredients, then please purchase the items through the links. (And if you are looking for essential oils, I purchase the best quality and value from a (non-mlm) private manufacturer. Just ask and I will send you that info, too.) 

Come on, all you Earth Angels - let's get NATURAL for natural beauty!  


Why natural beauty matters.

What is “natural beauty?” It could be defined as going without makeup, just washing your face and heading out the door. But, I LOVE makeup!

I grew up in the heyday of the big door-to-door makeup companies, where travelling sales consultants would ring the doorbell and offer to hold a beauty party in your living room. They would arrange a time to come back and show you and your friends all the wonderful colors of lipstick, blush and eye makeup. Everyone would receive a sample of perfume, too. Oh, how I loved those parties!  

Through the years, I bought creams, salves, potions, lotions, pastilles, scrubs, and much more. I tried the MLM makeup brands, drugstore brands, and even very expensive, high-end brands; but it seemed there was always a problem. I noticed that my skin was not happy. I developed bumps and dry patches, oily skin and breakouts. Matter-of-fact, my skin was happier when I did NOT have the  makeup on. 

So, I began doing some research. I began looking at labels of all the cosmetics I wore. Some products had ingredient lists that were bigger than the bottle the product was in. Some products had ingredients that sounded more like something you would find in a toxic waste dump.

All of that was going on my skin. And in my body. Because the truth is that whatever you put ON you gets IN you, too. As I started becoming more aware of health issues and the food that I eat, I began realizing that I was just as concerned about what I put on the outside of my body, too. 

I discovered the dirty secret of commercial cosmetics, beauty products and personal products - there are unregulated harmful ingredients in most of those products sold in the USA! I can send you information on the research my friends and I have done about the icky chemicals in many makeup brands. 

My goal here is not to talk about any specific brand – there is good, bad, ugly and downright toxic in so much of what is available in the marketplace.  I just want to help you gain awareness about the chemicals that you are putting on your body in the name of beauty.

If you love makeup and beauty products like I do, then you still want to have access to facial powder, hair spray, deodorant, lip balms, eye shadow and blush. But, if you love makeup like I do AND you want to be more natural and stay away from the chemicals in many cosmetics sold today...then this little book can 100% change your beauty routine!

In this book, I will share with you 10 recipes that I use to make natural cosmetics. These recipes are filled with ingredients that are easy to find; you probably have some of them in your pantry right now.  Natural beauty using natural cosmetics? Products that you make at home and that only cost pennies to make? YES!

It has often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I want you to go look in the mirror. Behold YOU – you are beautiful just the way you are. You are a beautiful soul and using these natural products will let your beautiful soul shine.

This is easy, fun, inexpensive and healthier for your skin. Welcome to a revolution in the way you view cosmetics and beauty. 

Welcome, all you other Earth Angels!