How a childhood dream was fulfilled......FINALLY!

❤️ Never give up on your dreams.

I'm 56, and finally fulfilling a childhood dream. Here is part of the story of how I came to be a hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor.  I am an author and my hubby and I are publishers of a free holistic health and wellness magazine in Oklahoma.  I didn't start out dreaming of becoming a hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor, but my life has come full circle because I NEVER GAVE UP ON MY DREAMS. 

All my life, I have known that there is more than just what we see and experience. And I know that we are here on this Earth to do good for others. BECAUSE HERE IS A TRUTH --- Love, Kindness and Forgiveness are gifts that INCREASE when you give them away. 🎁

I have much in my life that needed those gifts. Many people who knew me in my childhood and young adult years thought I had an easy life. I was born into a "good family." We went to church every time the doors were open. I was a great student. I got a scholarship to college. I was talented. But none of that mattered. People who "knew" me didn't REALLY know me. They didn't know about the abuses and the terrors I faced.

Life nearly knocked me out, but it's hard to keep an Oklahoma country girl down!🐂🐖🐓 

Learning from the bad and the good.

There are many people in my life that have helped me grow. I learned and grew from their bad, damaging, hateful, negative examples. I learned that I did NOT want to be like them, and so I became stronger, kinder, more filled with compassion. There were some lessons along the way, thankfully, from positive examples. Those lessons were the bright beacons during the dark times. But ALL of the lessons helped me grow.

And ALL of us will have dark times. We just need to keep looking for those beacons, those lighthouses that shine on the shores for ships' safe passage.  We all NEED that. And at times, we all can BE that. 

You will NEVER hear me judge another person - because we are all children of God. And I mean ALL of us - the thief, the rapist, the murderer, the abuser. The druggie, the sex-worker, the depressed millions who have been affected by the horrors of life. WE ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN.

I never judge another because I do not know the struggles they have faced that have created them and molded them into the bundle of pain that is their existence.  But, I have been called to help. And that is my 100% focus. I can't reach everyone, but the ones I can reach will be loved, forgiven and blessed. 

No one turned away!

After I got my son raised (and whew, was THAT a chore - LOVE him forever, but it was the biggest medical and psychological challenge of my life) I dedicated my time to learning more, getting educated and trying to find MY path. So, this coming year, I will finish up my PhD in Transpersonal Counseling. I will be offering hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling in my hometown - Tulsa, Oklahoma - and online. AND I will never turn someone away because they can't pay. NEVER.

Full circle - my education has helped me reach a childhood goal!

When I was a child, I asked my parents for a comparative Bible - I wanted to know about ALL the religions of the world. I thought that there was one book that could compare different beliefs and religions. And I had a burning desire to know about other people and what they believed.

My dad told me NO. I was raised as a Christian, and I still have those deep roots, but my spiritual tree has grown. My education now has accomplished that childhood goal. In my studies for my PhD, I have learned about all of the world's religions and all the world's peoples and their mindsets and their hearts. AND WE ARE ALL THE SAME. See, we truly are ALL Children of God. 

The poet Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet - "When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, "I am in the heart of God."  Divinity, whatever  your concept of God is, is TOO BIG for one small human to try to control. It is beyond our ability to even understand. We just have to rest and know that we are in the heart of God.  

(I know some readers will be aggravated by what I am stating. Too many religions are tied up in division and US versus THEM thinking. Get rid of any sort of hatred in your heart - hatred for other political views, sexuality, nations, religions - get rid of it.)

❤️I have a heart full of love because I too have been abandoned and bereft at times.

❤️I have a spirit of forgiveness because I too have been beaten and left to whither and die.

❤️I have a mind full of kindness because I too have been judged severely by others and found lacking.

I am so blessed that I get to serve those who will come to me, those who will seek me out or be sent to me. It is my dream come true. Stay with me, stay connected, because some day, I may be able to serve you and help you. And if would be my privilege and honor to do so. 

With all my love,


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