The Leaf and The Bean

Some things are just better together.....

Chocolate and peanut butter - classic combination. Two delicious ingredients that are somehow even better together than apart! Am I right? 

How about TEA and COFFEE? What? Yes, I got my tea and coffee mixed together, and I must tell you that it wasn't awful. It was an accidental occurrence after my brother moved in with us. Let me tell you what happened.....

Back in August, just six weeks ago, my little brother, Joshua, had a huge stroke.

As the helicopter whooshed him away to an emergency room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my heart sank. I wondered if he would still be alive by the time I made it to the hospital to stand vigil.  He was (IS) only 44. He survived!

And he is recuperating beautifully, which is an amazing thing to witness. Because my hubby, Mark, and I get to witness my brother's recovery each day. We know that life is better together, and that the possibility of recovery was better in the large metro area where we live instead of the rural area when Josh lived. SO....Mark and I made the decision that Joshua would live with us in Tulsa while he was recovering. 

We celebrate the little things, like when he was able to unscrew the lid on the tooth paste with his formerly unusable left hand or when he was able to remember his nephews and the memories began flooding back into his damage cerebellum. JOYFUL CELEBRATIONS!  It hasn't been easy on any of us. But we knew that life for Josh would be BETTER TOGETHER to give him a chance to rebuild. 

(Well, at least it WAS better together until my brother started using my coffee pod machine.)

This is where the LEAF and the BEAN got all discombobulated.

So, Josh is a coffee drinker.  And I am a tea drinker.  (My hubby Mark? He is boring, he drinks only water.)  

My day starts with meditation and then HOT TEA! I drink a combination of organic black and green tea together. I usually add in a splash of soy milk, too. 

My coffee machine can use those throw-away pods or a refillable pod. (I keep refillable pods, thank you very much - trying to do what I can to cut down on plastic waste.)  Most of my family drinks coffee, so I keep it around for them.  BUT.... I use my "coffee" machine mainly for heating up water for my daily cups of hot tea. 

I have my routine in the mornings, just like anyone else does. And it seems that the older I get the more important those morning routines become. Adding in a stroke survivor with a serious need for coffee in the morning, and my "coffee" pot (that is really a tea pot) was getting a lot of use. 

It was all fine when I made Josh his morning cuppa joe.  But when HE started making his own cup, then things got funky. He would leave the hot pod in the machine -  I mean, it was hot and had to cool down before being touched.  So, I don't really blame him for that. 

The first time it happened, I took a taste and threw it out!

So, I would go into the kitchen in the morning and put water in the machine. I'd put my tea bags into my cup and run hot water through the machine.  If the refillable coffee pod was still in the machine, then my water would be coffee-flavored before it even hit my tea bags.

The second time it happened, I was so tired and grumpy that I decided there was no way it would make my day any worse! So, I drank it.  Hmmmm....not awful. Not really good, but drinkable. 

The third and fourth time, I actually (almost) enjoyed it. LOL. I wasn't willing to throw out my delicious tea just because a little coffee-flavored water got mixed in. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, I will get used to the leaf and the bean together?  

Stranger things have happened. 

SEIZE THE DAY (Or the coffee cup!)

You might I LOOK inside the coffee machine each morning now before I make my cup of tea?  YOU BET I DO! 

At least, I try to remember to check it. But old habits are hard to break, and some mornings I forget. So now, if my cup just holds leaf water, or a combination of leaf and bean water, well, I just drink it! 

When they get combined I always assume that it is just the workings of the universe giving me an extra (weird-flavored) jolt of caffeine to get me going that day!  (And I remind myself that some things are better together, even if maybe this combo really isn't.)

Life, just like my morning cup of tea, doesn't always turn out the way I think it should.

 I would have never imagined that my healthy, ox-strong brother would have a massive stroke at the age of 44.

I am so incredibly thankful that my bro is still around to talk to and laugh with. Hearing him tell his corny stories and recite some snippet of poetry is worth every moment. It's worth every trip to the hospital, the doctors, the therapists, the pharmacy, the phone calls with family, with friends, with the social services, the crappy cups of tea/'s ALL worth it. 

So seize the day, drink deeply from the cup that life offers you! FIND THE JOY. Even if it isn't exactly the way you think it should be....