Three Attributes of Modern Masculinity

    Gender roles have changed over the last hundred years. Men are no longer limited to being just a traditional “breadwinner” for a family—hello ladies, we can bring home the tofu AND fry it up in the pan.

“And never, never, never let you forget you’re a man…”

(Anyone else singing along to that commercial with me?)

    We live in a society now that has more opportunities for participation and equality for all of us. Creating a family, raising children, and sports and educational activities are all life experiences that have no gender boundaries. But even with more openness to differences in sexual identification, gender identity and expression, many societies still have some basic divisions between assigned roles and attributes. These divisions often define what is accepted as masculine and feminine. 

    So my husband, Mark, and I wanted to know what our readers think about modern masculinity. We own and publish a holistic health and wellness magazine in Oklahoma - Natural Awakenings.  

    Where do you go when you want to know anything? Facebook, of course. LOL. It is great for connecting with family and friends, and with our readers.  We asked readers to share the top three traits they admire in their masculine friends, family, spouses, partners and children.

Can you guess what traits were most reported?

Integrity, Honesty, Kindness.

Those traits are NOT just for men. I think we all want to strive for these ideals. 

Here is a sample of what our readers submitted:  

  • Scott Chronister – Patience, Kindness, Love

  • Laura Davidson – Honor, Integrity, Passion

  • Cheryl Christie Nowabbi – Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty

  • Sherry Moore – Integrity, Humility, Compassion

  • Christopher Poor – Compassion, Integrity, Forgiving

  • Michael Lehrman (Natural Awakenings Publisher in NYC) – Trusted, Authentic, Open

  • Martha Larson – Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness

  • Leticia La Reina Pizano – Organization, Structure, Foundations

  • Tange Aondobem – Perseverance, Dedication, Determination

  • Cynthia Paul – Strong, Balanced, Focused

  • Matthew Jewell – Hardworking, Kind, Thoughtful

  • McKenzy Owens – Fun-Loving, Kind, Loving

  • Randy Mickelson – Strong, Dedicated, Loving

  • Alice Watts – Kind, Funny, Thoughtful

  • Andrea Furley – Honesty, Integrity, Compassion

  • Ralph Emerson – Solid, Trustworthy, Kind

  • Suzanne Carpenter – Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance

  • Esther S. Chapman – Organized, Thoughtful, Balanced

    As for the three wise men in my life—my hubby Mark, my brother Joshua, my son Matthew—they each have some of these wonderful traits. Of course, more importantly, they are there for me in the laughter and the tears. 

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