A Loving Message to all My Female Friends

Ladies, let’s talk!

You are not your body.

You are not a dress size.

You are not your curves or lack of them. 

You are not a number on a scale.

You are not your eye color, hair color or skin color.

You are not those wrinkles or that cellulite. 

You are not the aches and pains. 

You are not a disease.

You are not a diagnosis.

You are not cancer. 

You are not that diabetic pump. 

You are not that wheelchair. 

You are not the hearing aids or the glasses. 

You are not your problems. 

However, that twinkle in your eyes when you hold a little baby? Yep, that’s you. The way your mouth curves up when you see someone you love across the room? Yep, that’s you, too. The dedication you have to the causes, the beliefs, the truth, the justice? Your spirit that rises up to the challenges of life? That’s totally you. And it’s beautiful to see. 

You are beautiful—inside and out—just the way you are right now in this very moment. If anyone ever tries to tell you differently, ignore them. Ignore the haters and the dividers. Ignore the people who try to tell you that you don’t measure up, that you are less than. So all you mothers, sisters, friends and lovers, all you women who get knocked down but refuse to stay down, you are beautiful. 

Your body is a vessel that holds the spark of the Divine. And you are that spark in the world. Let it flame on, “like shining from shook foil” (Gerard Manley Hopkins), like a candle in the darkest night. Raise your light higher and higher, and never let anyone bring you down. 

With love,