April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers

Let's Motivate and Meditate

I LOVE rainy spring days. The knowledge that those gentle spring rains will help all the wildflowers grow just makes my green heart happy. I have a green heart, but not a green thumb; I have killed many houseplants. So when wildflowers show up in my backyard along the fence line, that makes me very happy.  (It makes the bees and birds happy, too!)

A rainy spring day is perfect for Motivation!

Of course, rainy spring days are great times for reflection and renewal. It's my absolute favorite time for getting ready for long-term projects.  There is a wonderful feeling of newness and freshness during this time of year.  Reflection and renewal can bring increased motivation to get sh*t done! (And we ALL need to get sh*t done, right?)

If you have long-term projects - work, home or education - then this time of year is great for reviewing those goals. And one of my favorite motivation and renewal tools is: Mind-Mapping! It is super simple to learn and use. But don't let the simplicity fool you, because it is a powerful tool that can boost motivation. It does this by getting it all out there and letting you see each working part!  Sometimes, part of the drag of a project is the feeling that it is overwhelming or it is just an insurmountable obstacle. (Hello - my garage NEEDS to be cleaned out, for sure. And I'm going to mind-map it, and then hand the project over to my hubby - LOL.)

Mind-Mapping for Motivation!

When you use a Mind Map, you start with a blank piece of paper! Right in the center, you make a circle. In that circle, you write your goal or idea. From there you draw lines, like spokes around a wagon wheel. At the end of each line and spoke, you will put another circle.  All of those lines, spokes and circles all feed into the main idea!! It's a great way to get clear on all the issues that feed into the main idea. 

Each of the smaller circles in the mind-map can have spokes and circles around them, too. Every circle can have spokes and more circles, all the way down to the little bitty detail.  THEN, when you are ready to begin work on that project or that idea, you start at the outer edge and work in! It is an easy way to manage a big idea or project. And as you tackle one bit of the task, you mark it out and go on to the next circle on the next spoke.

A rainy spring day is perfect for Meditation, too!

Spring is also a lovely time to begin or renew your meditation practice. Meditation can help you be refreshed and renewed. That's why it can help with motivation, too.  It is so much easier to tackle the HUGE project that you just mind-mapped if your mind is calm, and your spirit is easy!  Meditation can do that for you.  it is a great way to connect with the divine nature in life, whether you see Divinity as external or internal. 

The EASIEST Meditation

The absolute easiest meditation is just to sit and breathe with your eyes closed. Set aside 10 minutes. Find a nice, quiet place. Turn off your phone. (Set an alarm in case you fall asleep.) Then begin noticing your breath. Count to 5 as you breathe in. Then count to 5 as you breathe out. Just continue noticing your breath.

If you get tired of of counting to 5 with every breath, then try holding the image of a candle in your mind.  When you breathe in, the candle flame will flicker one way; when you breathe out, the candle flame will flicker the other way.  You just sit with your eyes closed and "see" the candle flicker in your mind. You may find that you do not need to count breaths or watch the candle for the full 10 minutes. And that's totally okay!! Just relax and enjoy the feeling of peace. 

Then get up and go Mind-Map that big project or idea and find the renewed motivation to get sh*t done!!