A rainbow just might help you sleep better tonight!

Trouble sleeping?

In the desire to get more (and better) sleep, Americans have turned increasingly to pharmaceuticals. More and more people - especially during this rotten pandemic - are getting less and less sleep. 

The rate of insomnia during the pandemic has MORE THAN DOUBLED, according to Pauline Anderson in her article "Pandemic Worry Keeping Americans up at Night" on WebMD.com  (WebMD, 21 Apr. 2021, www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210421/pandemic-worry-keeping-americans-up-at-night.

She says that almost 60% of Americans are experiencing COVID-19 related problems with sleep.  NOT ME!!!

Want to learn my NON-Pharma solution instead?

I wrote a book about getting RID of stress. Stress can rob you of your joy in life and it can also wreck your sleep cycle. 

I practice an easy sleep solution that is simple enough to teach anyone! I have even taught kiddos to do this and it really helps them get back to sleep after a nightmare. 

You ready to learn it? Okay, here goes. 

If you can imagine a RAINBOW in your mind...

In just a moment, I want you to close your eyes and imagine the colors of the rainbow. An easy way to remember the order of the colors of the rainbow is - ROY G BIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - ROY G BIV. 

So, just take a moment right now and see if you can bring up the first color, red, into your mind. I want you to try just one color first.  Once you have done that, then open you eyes and come back and read the rest of this blog.  Go on, I'll wait....

You can do this tonight!

My “Rainbow Sleep” visualization is easy to do. If you tried and succeeded with the color RED, then you can do all the other colors easily, too. If you had a little trouble visualizing the color red, then here is a memory trick that will help make it easier. 

I want you to imagine a bowl of fruit that has each of these delicious treats - apple, orange, banana, kiwi, blueberry, blackberry, grape. Each of these fruits coincides with a color of the rainbow.

The goal of this visualization is to imagine yourself floating through each color of the rainbow and then floating off to sleep on a cloud. You imagine yourself as being light and fluffy as you float off to sleep. The colors of the rainbow also coincide with the body’s energy centers that are often a focus of meditation. By the time you visualize all the colors and see yourself floating away on a cloud, you will have calmed every energy center in your body. Your body and mind will both be relaxed and ready for sleep. 

Here is HOW to do it!

“Rainbow Sleep” Visualization - As you lie in bed each night practice seeing the colors of the rainbow in your mind. (Remember ROY-G-BIV.) Imagine each color, starting with red, and hold that image in your mind for about 10 seconds. Then go to the next color. Practice taking deep, relaxing breaths as you imagine each color. 

Start with the color red (apple).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color orange (orange).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color yellow (banana).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color green (kiwi).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color blue (blueberry).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color indigo (blackberry).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Imagine the color violet (purple grape).
Slowly breathe in and out.

Now, imagine yourself sinking down into the comfort of the fluffy white cloud at the end of the rainbow. Float away in peaceful sleep.

 - END of the Visualization - 

(Indigo is the deepest, darkest blue of a midnight sky. And I always see violet as that shade of purple in the night sky as the sun is setting. By the time you get to violet, you will be ready to imagine floating away on a cloud surrounded by a lovely violet light. That is a moment of true peace.)

Keep trying - It will get easier and more effective as you use it.

When you first try this visualization, you might not be able to go instantly to sleep. Just bring your mind back to the image of the fluffy cloud. Keep imagining the cloud and sinking down into the fluffy softness. You will soon be able to float away. I can use this imagery and fall asleep without any problems now.

If you have trouble, just try again the next night. Do not worry about it. Just try again tomorrow. I have taught this technique successfully to many people, and I know that you can do it, too! (You didn't learn to ride a bike or drive in just one day, either.)

You can even use this visualization to help you get back to sleep in the middle of the night - just go back through all the colors of the rainbow and float off again on that fluffy cloud.

A good night's sleep can make a HUGE difference.

Here you go my friends! I know this will work for you because I haven't found anyone yet that CAN'T do this. Just keep practicing it and it will help. 

Getting better and more restful sleep can make a HUGE difference. I am wishing you fewer grumpy days, and more restful nights!