Welcome to my New Readers!

WARNING:  In this blog, I will be discussing bad things that happen and how to deal with them. It is possible that you might be offended because I will occasionally use strong language and swear words. I am a survivor. I will be talking about what that means. You may not have experienced the same things that I have, BUT you have probably felt some of the same things I have felt. 

Okay, with that said, we are also going to be talking about WONDERFUL things, and all the happy stuff that balances out the shitty things in life. (There, the first swear word of this blog post is out and no one was offended, I hope.)

Life is a balancing act. It is the right amount of salsa for the chip, the salt that makes the sweet sweeter, and just the right amount of balsamic vinegar and pepper on the strawberries. (Okay, no, this isn’t a food blog, but the analogy works.)  Sometimes, the bad things in life make you appreciate the good things more. Sweet and salty. Yin and yang. And the good things in life give you strength to make it through the bad!

Now, each day that I wake up is a good day. Because there were plenty of times I just did not want to wake up. NOW, I appreciate each day because I chose to stay alive. I decided to not die.  I chose life over suicide. Many people would not admit they contemplated suicide. One thing you will learn about me is that I am not afraid to talk about ANYTHING. I think that holding on to secret pain can eat at your spirit and your soul. So, talking (and writing) about bad stuff became a way for me to deal with it.

Here is Shanna’s first rule for dealing with the bad in life – IT IS OKAY TO THINK ABOUT AND TALK ABOUT THE BAD. It is NOT okay to dwell on it night and day until it consumes you. I bring my bad memories and experiences into the light of day, into the sunshine, and out of the cobwebs where they have a tendency to fester over there in the dark corners of my mind.

But anytime I remember or discuss the bad memories and experiences, I ALWAYS balance it out with the good and the positive. And then I add even more positive to it to make sure that there is far more positive than negative in my mind, heart and spirit. This is one of the techniques, this balancing act, this pouring on of the positive, that I will share with you throughout this blog. In many different ways, you can rethink, rebrand, redo, renew, revisit, and rewrite the BAD things from your past.  I will show you how I do it.

Welcome to my blog!