“March comes in like a LION and goes out like a LAMB”

You’ve heard that old saying, right - “March comes in like a LION and goes out like a LAMB”?   It refers to the weather, and here in Oklahoma, spring definitely comes in and roars like a lion. But this phrase always makes me think of something else besides weather – my last husband.  He literally taught me something about the lion and the lamb, and gave me a new perspective and a new tool.  So, hold on for a weird and wacky story.

David passed away nearly 8 years ago at the age of 46. When I gave his eulogy at the funeral, I explained to everyone that he had transformed his entire life. Where once he had been a lion, he also became a lamb. Where once he had been like a spring tornado, full of fury and anger, he had changed and become instead a gentle rain that brings life to the parched earth and the flowers.

He became a kinder, gentler man, but he was still able to call up his beast nature when needed. He taught me a wonderful lesson a few years before he passed away.  I hope I never have to USE what he taught me, but by God, I will if I ever need to.   

Here’s what happened: I had been in a car wreck that day. After being thoroughly examined at the hospital, they released me late that night. I was really banged up, but thankfully, nothing was broken. (I would need surgery about a month later, and I nearly lost my leg, but that is a whole other story.)

David had been with me at the hospital and was taking me home. But first, we had to stop at the pharmacy for supplies and antibiotics.  Now, a little about David.  He was 6 feet and 4 inches tall.  And he weighed over 300 pounds. He moved slowly, kind of shuffled along, but only an idiot would think of crossing him because he was just BIG.  He had long arms and had been a boxer.  But more than that, he just gave off a vibe – a “don’t mess with me” vibe.  It’s because he was trained in Wushu Kung Fu.  

Anyway, back to the story. I was all bandaged up and in pain.  We pulled up to the pharmacy and David told me that he would be right back.  He left the car running and locked the doors with me inside it. Now, it was late, and this sketchy dude was hanging around the outside of the building. Just a few minutes after David walked into the store, the crazy dude came over and TRIED TO GET IN THE CAR WITH ME!

He first tried the driver’s door, and then came over to the passenger side. David walked out at that exact moment and saw the man at my door. He quickly walked towards the car and ROARED at the man. I had never heard such a sound from an adult before. It was a guttural roar that began low and got louder. There were tornadoes all around that evening, and at first, I thought it was thunder or the wind. The sound terrified the sketchy man at my door.  The man froze, and David was within arm’s reach. He growled, “You touch that car again and I will tear you apart.”

The man ran for his life. David had me roll down the window and said, “hey sweetie, I forgot my wallet. Your stuff is almost ready, I’ll be back in a bit. Keep that door locked.” I handed him the wallet and he returned to the store. He immediately walked in and told them to call the police. He told them, “you better do it now, because if you don’t, I’m gonna kill that man in the parking lot and you will have to clean it up.”

David came back out to sit in the car with me while the pharmacy tech finished up the order. The police showed up quickly – even before the order was ready.  David explained what happened and they started searching for the crazy dude.  We made it back home without any further incident.

It took me a few days before I felt like talking much, but I HAD TO KNOW just how in the world he had been able to make that ROAR.  He laughed and told me that anyone can do it when the need arises. It is purely a function of intent and energy. He had me start practicing bringing energy UP from the earth and into my toes and legs. Then, he had me bring energy DOWN from the heavens above. He had me bring those two streams of energy together right in the center of my being. From that place, you can then ROAR!

David taught me that we all are connected to the energy from the Earth, our Mother, and our Father above And that we all can tap into that energy when the need is there. Some sketchy dude messing with the Wushu Master’s wife? Well, it was needed, he said.

So, I practiced. I began feeling those energy connections more. I began practicing breathing techniques that allowed me to get more air and more energy into my body. And I began practicing my great, big yell – in a pillow. David had transformed from a lamb into a lion and back again several times as needed.  And he taught me that I can do the same. So, can you.

Always be that lamb, be gentle and kind, be good to others, be available to help those who need it. But be ready to be fierce, to be the lion when evil or negativity comes your way. You may not ever need to yell a great yell, but then again, you might!

“I am a lion; I am a lamb.” 

RIP David, I'm sure thinking of you today!  

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