How NOT to Strangle your Spouse. (Tips for maintaining your relationship and your sanity.)

Every day, in every way, we are getting crankier as a nation.  Especially those of us who either have to now educate our kids at home OR those of us who are now working full time at home – WITH OUR SPOUSES.

(I fall into the latter category, having home-schooled my son a decade ago. And it was not by choice, but a medical necessity. Much like it is today for so many parents.  Believe me – I totally feel your pain.)

Today, I want to focus on how NOT to kill your spouse.  No tongue-in-cheek cuteness here. Yesterday, I literally had a Darth Vader moment where I looked across the room and wished I could reach out with the force and grab him by the neck like DV!  

So today, let’s bring some balance to the force and focus on 5 POSITIVE and UPLIFTING (no pun intended) ways to be less cranky and just get along. 

1. Flip your focus and remember that you are on the same team.

Sometimes, it might feel like your significant other is your enemy or even worse, demon spawn.  But that is not true.

2. When his annoying habit makes you want to scream, remember that it cannot last forever.

Does he clip his toenails at the table? Thank him when he stops. Must he watch TV at every meal? Thank him when he turns it off. Focus on the cessation of the habit and then move on.

3. Focus on something – anything - good about him.

Remember that this annoying person is the one that you vowed to love forever and always.  Don’t cringe and sigh.  Instead, focus on the WHY.  Why did you fall in love in the first place?  There has to be some redeeming quality that you can appreciate.  Find it and focus on that.

4. Just walk out of the room.

 If your partner is driving you batty, then take a break.  Sometimes, just five minutes can change your whole attitude.  Go outside and appreciate a flower or gaze at the clouds or just do something to deflate all that anger.

5. Focus on your pet.

 If you have a cat or dog, then I am sure that they need to be brushed or loved on. Just remember to talk as nicely to your spouse as you do to your dog!

6. Yes, I said I had 5 tips, but I must throw in my absolute favorite – MEDITATE!

 I have several different meditations that I use, but it can be as simple as sitting quietly for a few minutes and focusing on breathing in and breathing out.  You can also take 10 minutes and go listen to the guided meditations on my podcast. - Start with "The 10-Minute Power Nap." It will leave you refreshed and recharged. 

Okay, there you go.  A few simple tips that just might save your marriage or your sanity. Now go give him a big hug!