When “back-to-school” doesn't or can't happen. What now?

Dear Moms and Dads, I feel your panic!

I totally understand. Your panic is justified, and no one knows what is going to happen. But I want to give you a few suggestions based on my experience with home-schooling.

I did NOT home-school because I wanted to. I home-schooled my son (who is now 25) because the doctors told me he could easily die with more human contact. He has a life-threatening immune disorder. It’s just the way he was born. He is very susceptible to certain proteins and products in his environment. 

Free Book To Help Parents

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So……home school was his only school for many years.

At first glance, my son was that sick kid who always had asthma and a runny nose from allergies. But he suffered from a much more insidious and destructive problem – anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. Foods, products, medicines, and situations that would be normal for one kid were dangerous for him, they were life-threatening for him.

There are a few “rules” to setting up a home-school. First......

Interface with your child’s public school as much as possible. In America, every child is required to receive a public school “FAPE” – which stand for “Free And Public Education.” You child’s school is REQUIRED to educate your kid. So use those resources. Schools throughout America will be preparing and handing out materials during Covid. Get them and use them.

Second Rule of Home-School....

Keep routine hours! Whatever your child’s “regular” routine was at school, try to keep to it as much as possible. Yes, this will be hard if you are trying to work from home, too. But for everyone’s sanity, try to keep this rule. If not, in a few weeks or months you may find that your little ones are evil anarchists with plans for world domination, or at least they will be really cranky and disorganized.

Third Rule of Home-School...

Protect YOUR sanity. Dealing with small people can tax your mind.  And your spirit. Yes, we freaking love our kids and would sacrifice everything for them. But if every day begins to feel like you are sacrificing your entire being, then you need to take a break. Even if it is just a secluded bubble bath with a bottle of Merlot, then let those bubbles take you away. Every week, you MUST  carve out some time for adult interaction.

Last Rule of Home-School...

Maintain your perspective. Yes, this is hard. And maybe it is horrible. But remember that you little ones will not be little forever. Soon they will be teenagers and it will be even worse.  LOL. Soon, they will be adults. It happens all too fast. You will look back and in just a few short years, everything will have changed, including this pandemic. This will not last forever, even though it feels like it will.

Educating your child or children at home is not an easy task.

This is not easy, but is a necessary task for so many families throughout the nation. It comes with difficulties, but it also comes with joys. Find the way to appreciate your children and love them even more. They need your stability, your enthusiasm and your unwavering dedication to trying your best to make it through.

As I was home-schooling my son, we had a basic rule: Always Do Your Best! If you had a task to do, then just give it your best. Some days, my best as a parent/educator was stellar. And some days, it was all we could do to get fed. Those were the pancake days.

Hang In There!

You can get through this, and you can become a better parent and have a closer relationship to your children because of it.

And go get that book on Amazon. I hope it helps you. It is filled with activities that I did with my own son. This is the link for the book -  https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B08711MJF2.  If you are a part of the Kindle Unlimited Program, then you can read this book for free anytime.