Guided Meditations that I LOVE

Head on over to my Mind-Body-Spirit podcast to listen to these meditations.

Here are links to the guided meditations I wrote and recorded for you. Each is available on my podcast page.  As a publisher for Natural Awakenings magazine, I meet some very interesting people from all walks of life.  The podcast is a chance to share those conversations with you.  Our magazine is all about natural health and wellness.  And since Meditation is my FAVORITE way to bring the mind, body and spirit together, I wanted to share my best guided meditations with you.  Let me tell you a little more about each one.

Your Private Hideaway!

This meditation is about connecting with nature and creative forces in your mind that can bring healing and energy.  I will be leading you to a secret happy place inside your mind.  You can visit there whenever you want!

I LOVE this meditation.  Usually, I change it up on a whim each time.  You will see just how easy that is to do.  The coolest thing about this meditation is that if you use it consistently (say once a week or so) then objects will sometimes appear in your private space from one meditation to the next!  It is always fun for me to go see what might have appeared since the last time.  Each time I open the door to my private hideaway, I know something wonderful will happen.  This meditation can make you laugh, relax and just have fun! Oh, and always drink deeply from the fountain. 

The 10-Minute Power Nap!

This meditation is great for deep relaxation during the day, so you might want to set a gentle alarm in case you fall asleep.  This is more of a recharge and a reset for when you are having a stressful day. 

It can be as restful as a nap for some people.  For me, it was MORE restful than a nap because I did not feel groggy afterwards.  I have used this meditation for more than 20 years because it really works! It will leave you relaxed and yet fully energized at the same time. 

A Walk On The Beach!

This therapeutic discovery tool was inspired by the views from my favorite beach walk on Grand Cayman island back when I was in college.  A priest friend who had experienced childhood trauma recommended a meditation like this to me.  When my therapist (and YES, I absolutely do recommend therapy - it can be a fabulous tool to help you heal) also suggested this type of meditation, well, I figured that two suggestions in a short time meant that it was a good reason to try.  I am so glad that I did!

Most of the guided meditations that I write are all about relaxation.  But meditation can be used for more than that.  The goal of this meditation is self-healing and connectedness: mind-body, spirit-psyche, past-present.  

When those connections start happening, for some people, it can be a little disorienting!  This meditation can help you gain access to some of your deepest emotions.  You might find that you are emotionally sensitive when finished.  For me, this is like listening to certain pieces of music or viewing certain pieces of art: the beauty can make you weep.  Make sure you have time and space to reflect afterwards.  

This is absolutely my favorite healing meditation!