"Magic" Mushrooms and Getting in Touch with Mother Earth

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Just to be clear – I have not recently been munching on magic mushrooms.  Actually, I have never purposefully eaten one. Although I do think I ate a few in college in a misguided “natural” phase that included fewer showers and eating bugs – also know as “land shrimp.”  And no, they do NOT taste like chicken.

Beautiful, But Deadly

Anyway, the issue of magic mushrooms, or psilocybin, came up recently with my son.  He read an article about the theory of early man foraging on these mushrooms and thereby expanding their little monkey minds.  The idea is that the expanded brain power fueled the development from hairy hominid to graceful Homo Sapiens.

My son asked me what I know about mushrooms.  He is interested in the whole idea of getting back in touch with nature and natural healing, along with living a life that is less dependent on big companies that wrap all their products in plastic, and more connected to Mother Earth.

How Now Brown Cow?

I grew up on a little farm.  We had cows, chickens, a garden and fruit trees.  Mushrooms like to grow in moist, dark conditions.  Guess what is moist and dark?  Cow poo.  Yes.  Mushrooms, specifically psilocybin psychedelic mushrooms, love to grow on cow manure.  THIS is why I have never eaten them on purpose.  (Although I am quite sure a good washing would suffice, but I just can’t get past the whole growing in poo thing.)

Now, even though I have no plans to eat mind-altering mushrooms, I DO love mushrooms.  The kind you get at the grocery store, like simple white button mushrooms, or criminis and portobellos. There are old codgers like my dad, who are able to find true morels.  But I would NEVER, NEVER eat a wild mushroom because so many of them can KILL you.

Comfort Food from Mother Earth

So just stay away from wild ones, and eat the ones at the grocery store.  The best way to eat them is chopped up, sautéed in butter with some shallots, salt, pepper and nutmeg.  (Yes, nutmeg – it just brings out the flavor.)  From that point, you can use the mushrooms as a veggie taco filling, as a steak topping, or in a soy-milk creamy mushroom soup!  (Email me and I will send you the recipe. Sooooo good.)

So Tasty, and So GOOD For You!

Mushrooms are really good for you, too.  Everyone seems to be on a health kick (the ONLY thing we can thank COVID for), and mushrooms are like natural multi-vitamins.  They are high in B vitamins and anti-oxidants like glutathione. They also have protein and fiber and calcium!  And some researchers think they have antibacterial properties.

This whole idea of getting back to nature, even if you don’t go traipsing in the woods  for wild mushrooms, is a good one. We have become so disconnected from the Earth.  We live here, we get our sustenance from the Earth, and yet, we take it for granted.  All of our earliest medicines, our food, our shelter and our belongings came from the Earth.  Talk about a GREAT way to get back in touch with Mother Nature.  Just munch some mushrooms.

For more info about edible and killer mushrooms, visit: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/types-of-edible-wild-mushrooms.html

For more info about the health benefits of mushrooms, visit: https://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/ss/slideshow-all-about-mushrooms

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