Being Depressed Does NOT Mean You Get To Be An Ass

Yes, I Totally Understand That Depression Sucks!

Life is sometimes hard for everyone.  But for those who suffer from long-term, often deeply entrenched issues - like PTSD, depression, panic attacks., etc,  - it often seems like life is too hard to even go on.  

And that makes us really, really GRUMPY!

I understand because I have struggled with so many of those same issues.  When your day is depressed right from the moment you get out of bed, well, those chipper morning people are hard to tolerate.  

But even if awful events in your life have contributed to depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc, that does not give you a reason to be mean.

My Favorite Bumper Sticker

Yep- I saw THAT on a bumper sticker several years ago.  I was having an awful day, and taking it out on the people around me.  It was like a little message from the Universe, reminding me that being mean is not the solution.  So, what IS the solution?  

I have some very bad news for you, sometimes, there is no quick fix for the bad in your life.  Sometimes you cannot remove or change the situation.  At that point, the ONLY solution is YOU! 

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today.

You are the solution to the bad in your life!  YOU are the solution to your own grumpy attitude.

I truly understand how awful life can sometimes be.  In the 50+ years of my life, I have experienced a lot - I escaped from a gang rape, been assaulted in a family member's home, became a single mom with a child on disability, lived in poverty and depression, became a widow, was disowned by my father, and have had all sorts of stress in my life.  

BUT GUESS WHAT? No one came to rescue me.  And no one is coming to rescue you.  EXCEPT YOU!  

Now, there is a tremendous amount of freedom in the realization that you are the hero of your own life!  YOU will rescue YOU!  And when you begin that process of mental transformation, you will begin to find out that the grumpy attitudes become less grumpy.  You will find fewer days where you feel like an ASS, and more days where you feel like a powerful survivor.  

Is my life still hard?  You betcha.  I still deal with depression, PTSD, anxiety and all the after-effects of trauma.  

But I will never again be mean to someone else just because of my personal struggles.  Because MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.  And I intend to live my life with joy, thankfulness, and fewer grumpy moments.  How about you?